Never too thin never too rich / small is beautiful / In a timespan of thirty years, the deserted Bourget airport has recovered its attractivity against Roissy and Orly, even on Sundays. We have moved from Emmanuel's first class of a Boeing 747 to Alexandre Allard's private jet. From Bernard Tapie's Hilton hotel to former camping turned into eco-chic lodges by Alain Dominique Perrin in Noirmoutiers // Expensive is Luxuous / the price is also part of the object of desire's PR strategy: Patek Philippe and Aston Martin outscored Rolex and Porsche, which are not expensive enough.

    Just like the Fabergé eggs, which are genuine jewellery and mechanics masterpieces, luxury is a creativity and innovation factor that travels through the centuries without fading.

    For some, Luxury is supposed to combined richessness, pleasure, scarcity, and taste. For others, luxury is a lifestyle which consists in spending huge amounts for unnecessary purchases, for the simple pleasure of owning an object, of adopting a lifestyle which is supposed to bring them closer to the riches' or even super riches' caste.

    In the world of fashion, Luxury is most of the time associated with a single product and to its functionality: the Hermès house builds its success around the horserider's saddle bags which has become an appropriate luggage for cars, and was then reproduced in a smaller size for women's use.

    The Tod's house, more contemporary, owes its car shoes' success to their antislip pikes and their perfect adherence to the car's footpedals. It also associated itself to celebrities. 

   Hermès and Tod's contrast with Luxury groups by basing their PR strategy on the quality of their products, and thus on their ethics. None of these Quality or Luxury houses will communicate on the functionality or the comfort of their iconic products, they prefer to highlight the quality of the materials used and the handmade work.

    Like in the 18th century, Luxury can be the ostentatious manifestation of a financial elite who lives at the expense of the growingly numerous poors, disconnected from reality and then lead to revolution.

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