The Pope, how many friends on Facebook? The Pope is, right after God, the biggest registered trademark both on earth and on the Internet. His dress code, his lifestyle and places of worship spread all around the worl, the Pope is a people. With his words echoed by all the churches in the world, he could have been the one with the most important number of Facebook fans. But from fan to fanatic, there's only one clic that his counselor, Papal Nuncio probably advised him not to take.


   After an appearance on Facebook in 2009, the Pope's profile POPE TO YOU (P2Y) did not reach remarkable heights probably in order to avoid religion wars and online viral attacks. It's never safe to be a fan.

    One tweet away from #G. / Though the Church has always been wary of the media, it has just recruited its first strategic communication advisor. Greg Burke, an American journalist member of the Opus Dei organization, has been assigned the mission to accompany the Pope and the Vatican in their communication policy, internally when aimed at a billion catholics in the world, globally when it adresses the whole world. Posted in the beginning if December in eight different languages, Benedict XVI @pontifex's first tweet was followed by 700.000 followers. Uncomfortable with Facebook, the Church has found in Twitter an adequate tool to conduct its corporate PR stragety which is increasingly appealing to a younger audience. The # hashtag is the new cornerstone of the online Church.