The Bourgeoise is Decadent / Boheme / Small / Tall: fashion embodies the last trends. Its clients are now Bourgeoises heiresses of the bling era and of Tom Ford's porno-chic. “Decadent” at Dior, Gucci, Prada. “Boheme” at Zadig & Voltaire, Isabelle Marant, Sandro.

 “Décadente” chez Dior, Gucci, Prada. “Bohème” chez Zadig & Voltaire, Isabelle  Marant, Sandro. With their  “I Know Better Than Everyone Else” attitude, they are preppy and peremptory at Pierre Hardy, Kitsuné, Fred Perry. In every case, in these troubled times, wardrobes go back to minimalist basic, with a hint of sexy attitude.

In 40 years of stagnation punctuated by repeted economic crises, fashion has moved from Luxury to Affordable Luxury, from Cartier's Musts to Must Haves ;-)

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