The Art of Soft Bling discourse. Whether they come from Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a trendy Parisian district, or New York, the Dandies of our time master their art, an art which relies on a discourse which is as beautifully formed as their creations. They turn their lives into a work of art.

    As an emblematic representative of the 2.0 years, the artist Jeff Koons has retained from his former job as a raw materials broker a certain pragmatism and focus on investment. This artistic director does not himself produce his artworks, but he is surrounded in his creative studio by 100 assistants to whom he gives very precise artistic exploration instructions. In the wake of Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons' kitsch work is aimed at the largest possible audience, it deals with the magnificence of consumption with a zany humor close to the world of childhood. This man of heart and skilled communicator married the Cicciolina, a porn actress Cicciolina who will make him famous for the general public. His artworks are appreciated by François Pinault who bought several of them, and also by new millionaires who consider these artworks sometimes worth a few millions a mere investment like any other and a good way to nettle their friends and rivals who don't buy anything under one million euros. Like with jewelry over the past centuries who is also starting to bring about record sales.

    Jeff Koons' artworks were exhibited at the Centre Pompidou and in a retrospective at the Château de Versailles where he displayed all his artistic techniques: paintings, sculptures,

computer-assisted videos, installations. Like Karl Lagerfeld who held Chanel fashion shows there.

    Far from the outdated and voluntarily cynical discourse of Iggy Pop, the post Punk Rock Star who has become a meticulously organized stripper selling his image to  advertisement campaigns and who “[doesn't] care about what the public who has already bought [his] album think”, Jeff Koon's contemporary discourse is a t the same time realistic and modest when he admits being incapable of realizing alone any of his works.

    The writer Frédéric Beigbeder is another example of humility, who, receiving the Femina Prize for one of his books, turned off his detractors' resentment by declaring “I don't accept this prize as a reward, but as an encouragement to become a writer”. That's what you call a nice snook ;-).

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